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Invite your friends to contribute to your gift book
Collect photos & stories and we turn it into a book
We ship your book worldwide within 1 week
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$69 per copy
including free 10 day worldwide delivery
Hardcover binding
Full color, photo quality printing
Up to 200 pages of contributions
Free electronic version (web & PDF)
For any special occasion
“I really was very surprised - and so touched that I cried for two days as I read all the messages! A really heartfelt thank you for my birthday book. ”
- Janet
70th birthday
Thank yous
“Guys, just want to place on record my thanks and gratitude for capturing the spirit and essence of what Launch22 is about. It means a hell of a lot and will be treasured! ”
- Eddie
Community thank you
“Our book was our favorite wedding gift. So many memories. We both read it from front to back on our wedding night! ”
- Judith & Justin
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